Amy is Endorsed in Her Race by the Following District A and Area Leaders

“Having worked alongside Amy Peck for several years, I can enthusiastically say that voters in District A will not find a candidate who is better prepared to lead. Amy’s energy, commitment, knowledge and experience make her the ideal representative for District A on the Houston City Council.”
Honorable Donna Bahorich
Texas State Board of Education Chair
“Amy Peck has spent a decade serving District A and currently is Chief of Staff for CM Brenda Stardig. Amy also worked for then State Senator now Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, as well as Senator Jon Lindsay. Having worked several years with City of Houston government serving area Constituents, Amy knows how to ensure District A Projects and Constituents Needs are fulfilled. Amy lives in, and is raising her family in the District. I’m supporting Amy as she is the only Candidate with the experience, knowledge and overriding interest to fulfilling the needs of District A.”
Dave Durham
District A Community Leader
“The people of District A need an experienced representative on City Council who will serve with integrity. Amy Peck has, for years, proven her commitment to this community and will continue to make our neighbors and our neighborhoods her priority.”
Theresa Kosmoski
“She’s passionate about the city of Houston and serving her community. We worked together for five years, so I’ve seen her work ethic first hand. Trustworthy. Kind. Compassionate. Amy gets things done.”
Sarah Singleton
Former State Republican Executive Committeewoman, Senate District 7

Hon. Brenda Stardig
Hon. Toni Lawrence
Hon. Mary Grace Landrum
Craig Adams
William Alcorn
Victor Alvarez
Ken Arnold
Catherine Barchfeld
Joe Canales
Ron Carr
Mary Carr
Robert Cooms
Etta Crockett
Martha Doffing
Gay Donehoo
Amy Ellingson
Margie Forster
Lee Forster
Craig Funni
Luis Garcia
Anell Garcia
Ben Gillis
Ann Givens
Patrick Gonzalez
Bob Hall
Jeff Harris
Suzy Hartgrove
Vivecca Hartman
Chris Hartman
Eileen Harvey
Wayne Howell
Deleyne Hutton
Rob Jackson
Ken Jayne

Jesse Johnson
Beau Johnson
Mikel Jones
David Jurgens
Shirley Koss
Dexter Lewis
Jo Lightsey
Evan Lowe
Bill Loweth
Julie Marinucci
Stuart Mayper
Tom Miller
John Moss
Jonathan Newport
Patricia Phillips
Leslie Racine
Ken Racine
Jimmie Ray
Jim Riley
Claudette Rogers
Thomas Ryan
Daniel Santamaria
Debbie Scheffler
Warren Sloan
Tom Spencer
Jim Stimson
Elizabeth Stinsman
Lauren Taylor
David Van Bergen
Carolyn Wessels
Carl Wessels
Linda Whatley
Casey Youn